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Cause I do not accept any less

Than someone just as real, as fabulous.

The one that got away...

viviana • 28 • pisces • family oriented • hopeless romantic • sister • self-employed • student • listener • shopping addict • amateur chef • caffeine junkie • world traveler • insomniac • fandom whore • open minded • cat lover

gossip girl • heroes • sailor moon • lost • prison break • dexter • grey's anatomy • ugly betty • bones • house • supernatural • chuck • ANTM • project runway • nip/tuck • pushing daisies • desperate housewives • the oc • twilight • SYTYCD

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america's next top model, anne hathaway, art, astrology, banana republic, barney/robin, bella swan, bjork, black eyed peas, blair waldorf, blair/chuck, books, boys, britney spears, cats, chosen!ones, christian troy, christina aguilera, chuck bass, chuck/blair, clueless, coffee, confessions of a shopaholic, da vinci code, dancing, dane cook, delirium, democrat, desperate housewives, devil wears prada, dexter, disney, eclipse, ed westwick, edward cullen, edward/jacob, emily browning, enigma, evangeline lilly, family, family guy, fight club, fiona apple, food, friends, gaspard ulliel, girl interrupted, good eats, gossip girl, grey's anatomy, gwen stefani, gypsy kings, hayden panettiere, heroes, hillary clinton, himym, jacob black, jacob/bella, jawbreaker, josh holloway, juanes, juicy couture, julian mcmahon, justin timberlake, kelly clarkson, kill bill, legaly blonde, leighton meester, logan/veronica, lost, love, madonna, many lives many masters, mark kanemura, matt damon, matthew fox, mean girls, mia michaels, michael/sara, mika, milo ventimiglia, movies, mythology, naveen andrews, nelly furtado, new moon, night at the roxburry, nip/tuck, olives, peter petrelli, peter/claire, plumb, poetry, pretty woman, prison break, pro-choice, project runway, rain, reading, rei hino, reincarnation, romance, sailor moon, salior mars, saw, sex, sex in the city, shakira, shopping, sleeping, south park, starbucks, stephenie meyer, steven strait, stewie griffin, supernatural, sushi, swimming, sylar, sytycd, target, thai food, the covenant, the girls next door, the joy luck club, the little mermaid, the mummy, the princess diaries, the veronicas, thief of always, tori amos, twilight, ugly betty, usagi tsukino, usagi/mamoru, v8, vampires, vegas vacation, veronica mars, water, wentworth miller, zachary quinto